What is Career-Basecamp?

Our Vision

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The world of work is changing. We see a future without terrible jobs. A future where no one is trapped in a job they hate. Everyone deserves to work on something that they are good at and something meaningful. This is our vision for the future of work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to this future by helping people find careers that are right for them. We do this by providing a personality-career test that diagnoses your frustrations with your current job, shows you the vast landscape of careers out there, and helps you find your way to a career that is right for you.


Philip Brandner PhD.

Philip Brandner

My name is Philip. I'm a Neuroscientist, I finished my PhD on empathy and cognitive neuroscience in 2022. I was born in Austria and currently live in the Netherlands.

In 2020 I got obsessed with personality psychology and how it is a unifying theory of human behavior. Understanding our general personality profile can provide us with a better idea of why we sometimes act, think, and feel the way we do. Out of this obsessive trip down the rabbit hole of psychometrics and long discussions I decided to create a website that will help people understand themselves better and provide them with actually useful insights for their career-choices.

Why all the hiking and climbing analogies? I'm Austrian and I like hiking. Also, my friend came up with the name and it stuck. Thanks Guido.

Robin Goudeketting

Robin Goudeketting

My name is Robin. I, too, was a Neuroscientist, but instead of doing a PhD, I moved away from science into a more practical career as a Web Developer.

After Philip came to me, I decided to help him out. First just here and there, but now I'm sucked into the project with similar enthusiasm.

Guido Danen


My name is Guido. I'm not a Neuroscientist (don't know how I slipped through either…). My educational journey can best be described as multidisciplinary which ended up in an MSc in public policy and responsible innovation.

Studying and working abroad eventually led me to the healthcare sector, where I've had several different roles focusing on international collaboration and education.

During our many hikes over the decade that we've been friends, Philip's infected me with his passion for all things personality and careers. It was only a matter of time before I'd join and round out the team bringing some experience from the B2B environment.

The Science

Career-Basecamp is built on two engines. The first one is a modern approach to cognitive science and personality: the Big 5 (OCEAN model). We use our own adapted version of a cutting-edge assessment (Big Five Aspect Scale) which provides a great balance between in-depth personality results, high validity, and reliability, as well as a reasonable amount of questions.

The second engine is based on AI and our own internal model of job categorization and alignment with personality. Based on each job's rating on over 20 dimensions we calculate a match-score for your unique profile.

Does this match-score tell everything about you and your current job? Of course not. A 15-minute online questionnaire won't be able to capture the entire complexity of a person and their career. But it can be a great starting point, especially if you have never thought about your personality and how it plays into your career choices.



We are constantly listening to user's feedback, criticisms, and ideas. If you have any questions at all, or you just want to say hi, we'd love to hear from you. Don't hesitate and just send us an email.

Philip, Robin, and Guido